September 24, 2017

Clearfield and weather

We play Clearfield with the Varsity at home on Friday night at 7pm.  They are a non region opponent from the 6A classification.

Because of the weather last week the scheduled track installment was not done and they have postponed for this week and next. This means that we can't play any subvarsity games at our field.  We have rescheduled them to Clearfield.

The JV will play at 3:30 and Sophs right after on Thursday at Clearfield.

The Freshmen have a game against Alta and that will be played at Box Elder Middle School at 4 pm on Wednesday.

September 17, 2017

Viewmont and Track construction

Varsity plays at Viewmont on Friday at 7pm
JV and Sophs will both play at Viewmont on Thursday because of the construction of our track we are to be off the field this week and next week.
JV game will be at 3:30pm and Sophs will follow right after at Viewmont.

A "heads up" for next weeks Sophomore game will be moved to Clearfield on Thursday.  They have set the schedule already and are planning to play Sophs at 3:30 and JV after, which is the opposite of this week.

September 10, 2017

Bountiful and Region 5

Region 5 football begins this week against Bountiful.  It is also Homecoming!

Varsity plays Friday night at Ferguson Field at 7pm
JV plays at Bountiful, Sophs play at home, both are 3:30pm Thursday
Freshmen play Pleasant Grove on Wed at 4pm at Ferguson Field

CoachG: This week our theme was the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley.  We focused on controlling what we can control.  As a team we did not do that very well on Friday night. The sophomores did a good job of it on Thursday. We need to have more confidence and trust individually in ourselves. We need to continue to work the process of improvement. 

September 3, 2017

Bees in College

As the college season started it was great to see former Bees competing at the next level.  This is a list of the Bees that are currently playing and the college they are playing for.

Justus Brown plays LB for Weber State
Shane Hardy plays OL for Dixie State
Breckin Gunter plays LB for Weber State
Riley Burt plays RB for BYU
Haydn Stender plays OL for William Penn

Go Bees!!


Finally a Home Game!!
Varsity plays Pocatello on Friday at 7pm at Ferguson Field
Freshmen play at Pocatello at 4:30pm and JV play right after, around 6:30, on Thursday.

Pocatello doesn't have a football field at their high school. We play them at Irving Jr High football field.

Notes: There is not a sophomore game this week.  Some of the sophomores will be traveling to play with the JV on Thursday.

There is practice Monday morning at 8.

A simple way to get to Irving Jr High is to take the Pocatello Center St/Clark St exit.  Take Clark street, a one way, all the way downtown.  You will go through a tunnel on center street, continue until Grant. Take a right on Grant, about 5-6 blocks, to Irving.  The field is West of the school, behind it.

CoachG: This week our theme was Trust.  As a team we have to respect each other then learn to trust each other.  We also focused on trusting ourselves and our training.  There were many great examples of trust in the games this week.  Players work hard and their teammates know that they can trust them to do their job.  It makes everyone's job simpler.

August 27, 2017

Mt Crest and first week of school

Mt Crest
Varsity Plays at Mt Crest on Friday Sept. 1 at 7pm
JV plays at 4pm and Freshmen at 6pm on Thursday both at Mt Crest
Sophomores play at 6pm on Wednesday at Mt Crest

First week of school is going to be hot. Drink water.  It is not a bad idea to carry a water bottle with you because some of the classrooms will be in 90's (same temperature as a sauna).  If you wait until we get out to practice to drink it will be too late.

CoachG: This week our theme was Competitive Greatness.  The focus was on working hard, even through adversity.  Well, that was on display in the games this week.  Our teams competed, even through adversity and tough losses and wins.  I was impressed with the focused greatness of all the teams/players because no matter what the scoreboard said they were competing.  These young men are improving and continuing to work the process of becoming elite.

August 25, 2017

Team Dinner Sign up

Here is the link to sign up for Team Dinners.  We really appreciate your support. Again this is to feed the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors dinner the evening before home games.

Team Dinner Sign Up